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Hoe werkt het SPF record in de DNS nu precies

Meestal wordt email voor uw domein maar door slechts 1 of enkele servers verstuurd. Met een SPF record kun je beschrijven vanaf welke servers email verstuurd wordt uit naam van je domeinnaam. Ontvangende email servers kunnen dan desgewenst email die verstuurd is uit naam van je domeinnaam maar niet voorkomt in het SPF record weigeren. […]

Exchange Server & Update Rollups versie nummers

Exchange Server Release dates Product name Build number Date Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 6.5.6944233 03 Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP1 6.5.7226 5/25/2004 Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 6.5.7638 10/19/2005 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 8.0.685.24 12/9/2006 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 8.0.685.25 12/9/2006 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 11/29/2007 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2 8/24/2009 […]

Message Size limieten in Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007

In Distribution Groups and maximum recipients per message, we looked at how the maximum recipients per message settings are treated differently by Exchange Server 2010/2007 and Exchange 2003/2000 when sending to Distribution Groups. Message size limits are an important mechanism to control mailbox sizes, guarantee service availability, and protect from potential DOSattacks. Another commonly asked question is […]

Configure SMTP Authentication on Exchange

Table of Contents 1. Overview 2. Configuring SMTP Authentication on Exchange 2003 SMTP Connector 3. Configuring SMTP Authentication on Exchange 2007/2010 SMTP Connector 4. Configuring SMTP Authentication on Exchange 2013 SMTP Connector Overview Typically Mimecast Support will configure Authorized Outbounds for each Mimecast Account during the Implementation Process. Authorized Outbounds provide control over which IP addresses are allowed to send outbound […]

Bootable USB disk maken met Rufus

Download Rufus, straight from the author at, or from The executable is digitally signed and the signature should state: “Akeo Consulting” (v1.3.0 or later) “Pete Batard – Open Source Developer” (v1.2.0 or earlier) Rufus: Reliable USB Formatting Utility (with Source), read the introduction, FAQ, and support forum. There are many Windows utilities out there that’ll help you create a bootable flash drive from your ISO image, normally […]

Kill a stuck VM on VMware ESXi with esxtop

Sometimes it is necessary to kill a running virtual machine process (eg. if there is locked file). You need to know the Leader World ID from the VM that needs to be killed. First, run esxtop command from the shell: Press c to switch to the CPU resource utilization screen. Press Shift+v to limit the view to […]

Can’t install HP Branded Windows 2012 on VMware?

When installing a HP Branded Windows 2012 R2 ROK on VMware ESXi 5.5 this message appears: The cause of this issue  is that the Windows server does not recognize the ‘hardware’ as a HP Proliant server, licensing will not succeed because a Windows ROK license (Reseller Option Kit) is used. There is a simple solution. A […]

Office 365: Error: The term ‘Get-Mailbox’ is not recognized

Error: The term ‘Get-Mailbox’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. The blog will explain the steps on how to connect to office 365 or Exchange online protection for the management using powershell of your desktop client computer. Connecting Steps: Open powershell with Run as Administrator on […]

Set Dutch Language and Time Zone for all OWA users in Office 365

Normally every user need to set the default language and time zone when loggin into OWA in Office365. It’s possible to set the language and time zone for every Office365 user.For this we need to use the Set-MailboxRegionalConfigurationcmdlet in PowerShell. Once we’ve connected to Office 365 using Powershell, we only need to run one cmdlet. get-mailbox | Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration […]

Save Sent Items to shared mailbox in Outlook 2010/2013

Assume that you’re using Microsoft Outlook 2010 of 2013 in Office 365, and you’ve been delegated permission to send email messages on behalf of another user from a shared mailbox. However, when you send a message on behalf of the user, the sent message isn’t saved to the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox. […]